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Social Media Business Videos and creating content, are key to marketing. YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and other platforms are powerful ways to spread a message. However entrepreneurs, artists, musicians etc. are (or should be) focused on their core business and might struggle building capacity, or finding the time to create content for their social media channels. That is where Tyton Productions comes to the rescue because we have a video unit that produces high quality social media video at costs way below typical production houses. We don't intend to create the next soapie or television series, just windows into our clients' business.

Behind every successful person, business or artist is a compelling story. We help our clients tell that story: who are they? what do they do? what drives them? how can they help? what are their products and services? etc.  because that is what will allow them to connect meaningfully to their market.

Typically this includes artists creating an in-studio video of their performance, or a business doing a show-and-tell of their company. But don't take our word for it, have a look at the examples above and let us know how we can help!